The Module

This is my public knowledge repository for the introductory courses suggested by the crowd-sourced Open Source University Computer Science curriculum which can you can access on Github. They focus on basic concepts and both use Python. I have substituted the MITx course Introduction to Computer Science Using Python with the more advanced MITx course Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science. In addition to those two courses, I chose Data Science in Python by the University of Helsinki as a practical primer on data analysis in Python

I do not have the money to get the certification, so the synthesis of the material I provide here is my way of holding myself accountable and showing that I have worked through the material.

The Courses

A | Python for Everybody

from the University of Michigan (through their amazing website) as a hands-on introduction to general programming in Python

B | Introduction to Computational Thinking and Data Science

from MIT (through edX) as a more concept-focused introduction to computation and data science - also using Python

C | Data Science with Python

from the University of Helsinki (via this github page) as a more applied overview of how to use Python for data analysis