Politics & Society

This is supposed to be a pretty exhaustive list of links to podcasts that I try to listen to on a regular basis (WIP)

Podcast NameFavourite ContentTranscripts?Language?
Intercepted by Jeremy ScahillCovert History, Revolutionary Hip-Hop and the Politics of EmpireYesEnglish
Deconstructed by Mehdi HassanThe Noam Chomsky InterviewYesEnglish
Radiolab by WNYC StudiosPost No EvilYesEnglish

Technology & Science

Podcast NameFavourite ContentTranscripts?Language?
Artificial Intelligence by Lex FridmanDonald Knuth: Algorithms, Complexity, Life, and The Art of Computer ProgrammingNoEnglish
Mindscape by Sean CarrollSteven Strogatz on Synchronization, Networks, and the Emergence of Complex BehaviorYesEnglish
Making Sense by Sam HarrisThe Evolution of Culture with Nicolas ChristakisYesEnglish
The Portal by Eric WeinsteinThe Wiki and the episode with Timur Kuran on preference falsificationYesEnglish

Technology Politics

Podcast NameFavourite Content
Percepticon by Matthias SchulzeWTF ist ein Virus and Das KuckuckseiNo, but good shownotesGerman
Logbuch:Netzpolitik von Linus Neumann und Tim PritloveAlways the most recent oneNo, but good shownotesGerman
NPP - Der Netzpolitk-Podcast
Linus Sehn
Graduate Student in International Relations

I am interested in all the ways computer technology reconfigures the political landscape