This is supposed to be a pretty exhaustive list of links to podcasts that I try to listen to on a regular basis (WIP)

Podcast NameFavourite EpisodeTranscripts?Language?
Intercepted by Jeremy ScahillCovert History, Revolutionary Hip-Hop and the Politics of EmpireYesEnglish
Deconstructed by Mehdi HassanThe Noam Chomsky InterviewYesEnglish


Podcast NameFavourite EpisodeTranscripts?Language?
Artificial Intelligence by Lex FridmanDonald Knuth: Algorithms, Complexity, Life, and The Art of Computer ProgrammingNoEnglish
Logbuch:Netzpolitik von Linus Neumann und Tim PritloveAlways the most recent oneNoGerman
Radiolab by WNYC StudiosPost No EvilYesEnglish
Linus Sehn
Graduate Student in International Relations

I am interested in all the ways computer technology reconfigures the political landscape